The attorneys at Eckinger Law Offices, Ltd. have significant experience in labor and employment law and have dealt with many issues that arise, from the typical disputes to those that are highly unusual.  A sampling of the issues our attorneys can advise your business on are as follows:

  • Day-to-Day labor and employment advice
  • Discrimination and harassment litigation
  • Employment contracts and severance agreements
  • OSHA compliance and proceedings
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) proceedings
  • Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) proceedings
  • Unemployment proceedings
  • Wrongful discharge and retaliation litigation
  • Non-compete and unfair competition litigation

Unlike other law firms, once we establish an attorney-client relationship with the employer, we will provide prompt and immediate advice on any employment or labor issue and you will receive a detailed monthly statement for the charges incurred.  At Eckinger Law Offices we take pride in providing great value to our clients for the legal services rendered.

Many of our employer clients that do not have in-house HR staff due to the size of their company and the additional cost, have utilized our law firm to provide day-to-day as-needed human resources support.  Whether you are working to prevent disputes or tackle those that have already occurred, please contact our law office to schedule a consultation.

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