img_Utica Well SiteRecently, the exploration and production of natural gas has dramatically increased in our area, including Stark, Wayne, Holmes, Carroll, Tuscarawas, Harrison, and Guernsey Counties. Due to advances in technology natural gas can now be recovered from the Marcellus and Utica Shale, two geological formations that had previously been difficult to tap. If done properly the extraction of natural gas can be safe and have a significant financial benefit for both landowners and our local economy. In fact, you may have already been contacted about leasing your land to a gas operator. With that said, here are a few things to consider:

  • Before signing an oil and gas lease, consult with an attorney and have them review and explain each term and condition for the agreement.
  • Have your attorney negotiate for more beneficial lease terms. Better yet, search for and enter into negotiations with more than one gas operator.
  • Consider forming a group or consortium with other nearby landowners to achieve the maximum negotiating power.pump_jack_shutterstock_47176[1]3587

At Eckinger Law Offices, Ltd., we work on your behalf, the landowner, to negotiate and secure the strongest oil and gas lease terms possible. We understand the local oil and gas markets as well as the laws involved. Best of all, there are no up-front fees associated with discussing and negotiating your oil and gas lease agreement.  We also represent both landowners and operators in litigation concerning oil, gas, and mineral matters.

Ensure that you get the proper legal representation, call Eckinger Law Offices, Ltd. today to schedule an oil and gas lease consultation.  We have offices in North Canton and Orrville, but our attorneys also serve other areas of Ohio, such as Noble County, Guernsey County, Portage County, Carroll County, Harrison County and Tuscarawas County.