law-education-series-3-68918-mWhen family law issues arise, such as, the termination of a marriage through divorce or dissolution, or the post-decree issues of custody, visitation, child support, and medical bill responsibility, we understand the importance of these issues to our clients and the emotional turmoil it can cause on the family unit.  At Eckinger Law Offices, Ltd. we value the importance of the family unit even after the termination of a marriage, and will work to insure that your needs are addressed at a minimal cost, and to minimize the adversarial relationship.

The termination of a marriage can be obtained by a dissolution if the parties have previously reached an agreement on all issues of the marriage, typically with the assistance of an attorney to review the matter with the client and prepare the necessary paperwork. If the parties are not able to reach an agreement, the client may have to file a complaint to terminate the marriage by divorce. If you must terminate your marriage by either divorce or dissolution, we will thoroughly analyze your situation to advise you on the most appropriate means to attempt to obtain the desired result.

At Eckinger Law Offices, Ltd., we will investigate and review all the marital assets, including real estate, bank accounts, pensions, retirement funds and investment holdings to insure that you receive the maximum settlement under the law. If you have minor children, we will work with you to insure that the issues regarding the children are resolved to allow you the best situation to be an effective, involved and nurturing parent to your children, and that what is done is the best interest of the children. We are readily available to discuss the progress and issues of your case, and to address day to day issues that arise during the divorce proceedings.  Although divorce is a stressful time for all individuals involved, our attorneys work to ensure that our clients understand the process and possible outcomes in an attempt to eliminate some of the stress that can occur.

Normally, the Court retains jurisdiction of certain issues regarding the minor children until they become adults through age or emancipation.  Therefore, many times a divorced parent requires the assistance of an attorney to address changes that have occurred since the last court order regarding the minor children.  At Eckinger Law Offices, Ltd., we have experience in all family law/divorce/dissolution issues and can assist the client to obtain a modification of the existing court order to a new court order that is in the best interest of the children.  Our attorneys have experience obtaining custody for grandparents, enforcing unpaid child support orders or modifying child support due to a change in income or other circumstances, modifying custody or obtaining additional parenting time for a non-custodial parent, and other vital areas of family law.  We also regularly file contempt actions for failure to pay child support or spousal support, for failure to pay medical or other debts, or for failure to otherwise comply with a court order.  Our office locations are in Stark County (North Canton) and Wayne County (Orrville), but we also serve clients in surrounding counties such as Holmes County, Carroll County, Portage County, Summit County.